When and Where Do Fans Get Tickets?

Some school administrators wonder, “How would digital ticketing work for us?” Today, we’re going to share how digital ticketing provides flexible options that help your fans to get tickets when and where they want with the help of stats from a recent survey conducted by Navigate, a leader in understanding and marketing sporting events. Tickets […]

5 Ways to Promote Your Events

Looking for ways to get more fans to purchase tickets and attend your events? HomeTown can help by providing tools, graphics, and templates to help promote your upcoming events. This fall, schools across the country got creative with these resources and ones that they created on their own to promote their events and make it […]

All Types of Tickets: HomeTown Has the Options People Want

People love options, and the HomeTown platform has built-in, flexible ticket options so that every person, regardless how tech savvy they are, can easily get their tickets and attend events. Through these options, we bring flexible and professional-level ticketing to schools in a way that sets us apart in the ticketing industry and ensures that […]

Scanning, Security, and a Professional-Level Ticketing Experience

When it comes to managing events, there’s a lot to think about. How many people will attend? How can I keep track of attendees? What can I do to keep my event secure? What kind of experience will attendees have at my event? Today we’re answering these questions and sharing how scanning tickets increases security […]

The Show Must Go On: Theatre Ticketing

From the day the cast list is posted until the moment the curtain rises on opening night, there are a million things that need to be done to ensure that your performances go well. One of the biggest, and often most time-consuming parts of a theatre show is ticketing. Luckily, we’re here to simplify your […]

Communication, Capacity, and Cancellations: How HomeTown Can Help

Managing events is about more than just selling tickets. Fans need to know important details and get updates about the events you are hosting. We understand how important this is to keeping all of your fans safe and happy, so our system has built-in tools to help you! Communication From details about parking to what […]

4 Keys to Digital Ticketing with HomeTown

We have ticketing down to a science. At HomeTown, we understand that making the switch to digital ticketing might seem like a big change at first, but the benefits are incredible. Our platform is about four steps that are the key to successfully ticketing your events and getting your revenue!  1. Sell Your Tickets HomeTown’s […]

Why Choose HomeTown Ticketing?

When it comes to digital ticketing, no other company has the technological features, security, and support to match HomeTown Ticketing. We stand out as the leader in digital ticketing for schools and colleges, but why? With over 10,800 satisfied schools, districts, colleges, and organizations, there are a few key reasons why HomeTown leads the way. […]