Scanning, Security, and a Professional-Level Ticketing Experience

When it comes to managing events, there’s a lot to think about. How many people will attend? How can I keep track of attendees? What can I do to keep my event secure? What kind of experience will attendees have at my event? Today we’re answering these questions and sharing how scanning tickets increases security […]

4 Keys to Digital Ticketing with HomeTown

We have ticketing down to a science. At HomeTown, we understand that making the switch to digital ticketing might seem like a big change at first, but the benefits are incredible. Our platform is about four steps that are the key to successfully ticketing your events and getting your revenue!  1. Sell Your Tickets HomeTown’s […]

How Fans Purchase Tickets Online and in the HomeTown Fan App

When schools or organizations use HomeTown Ticketing, their fans have two fast and convenient ways to purchase their digital event tickets ahead of time.  Get Tickets Online When fans are looking for tickets to events, they can go directly to the school or organization website. HomeTown provides schools and organizations with a website embed with […]

Why Choose HomeTown Ticketing?

When it comes to digital ticketing, no other company has the technological features, security, and support to match HomeTown Ticketing. We stand out as the leader in digital ticketing for schools and colleges, but why? With over 10,800 satisfied schools, districts, colleges, and organizations, there are a few key reasons why HomeTown leads the way. […]