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We provide your school with custom ticketing software that seamlessly integrates directly into your school website.

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Intuitive Cloud-Based Box Office Software & Tools

Advanced permission-level access provide a secure campus-wide solution.

Cloud-based Box Office software empowers your staff and faculty to quickly and easily create and publish events on your school website in minutes. We provide the tools needed to manage and monitor every aspect of your ticket sales from any device at any time. Intuitive point-of-sale software allows box office ticket sales via cash, check, or credit card.

Custom Software Integrated Directly Into Your School Website

Offer your fans a simple & easy way to purchase tickets directly from your website.

HomeTown Ticketing embed industry leading ticketing software directly into your school website. This provides a simple and easy way for your community to purchase tickets online without being bounced to a ticketing website. Our systems do not require fans and community members to create an account, remember a password, or download a special app just to purchase tickets.

Create & Publish Events on Your Website in Minutes

Powerful event features and options help faculty manage events and save valuable time.

Intuitive cloud-based box office empowers you to easily create & publish events on your website within minutes. Manage & monitor ticket sales from any device, at any time. Real-time reports provide detailed and accurate ticket sale information. Online ticketing has never been this easy for your school!

Secure & Fast Guest Check-In at Events

No expensive hardware or additional equipment required.

Eliminate the unnecessary cost of expensive hardware while providing the highest levels of security at your gate. Our software and systems help protect your school from network failure due to large crowds thus providing the most reliable method of getting your fans into gates quickly and safely. Robust reporting & analytics on guest list and ticket redemption is available on-demand to school administrators and faculty. Our app provides schools with a cost-effective way to provide the highest level of security to your guests.

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Automated Billing Streamlines the Entire Process

It's simple: We never send an invoice. You never make a payment.

We've automated the entire billing process saving your entire district countless hours throughout each school year. Your box office is secure and PCI Compliant. Our systems electronically send revenue from ticket sales directly to your school bank account. Real-time reporting with detailed order history itemizes deposits by department and event to streamline reconciliation and provide the highest level of financial accountability to district treasurers.

District-Wide Real-Time Event Reports & Analytics

Our platform provides district-level transparency across all events in any department.

District Officials can access detailed and robust ticket sales reports and event analytics from any device at any time. Our team of in-house engineers developed our platform specifically to be used district-wide, providing a centralized and secure location for all ticket sale transactions and customer data.

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