Production Show Shirts, Dues, and More!

The show has been cast, you’ve had your first read-thru, you’ve started blocking… now the work begins.  Blocking alone is time consuming, but you have so many more tasks to do and it feels like there is never enough time in the day to complete them. Let your Hometown Box Office do some of the […]


Fundraising + HomeTown = $$ For Your Program! Fundraising is always a tricky word. Parents shy away from it because they know it means extra work, but we all know it is something that has to be done. Why not make things easier and raise more money? Yep, have your cake and eat it too. […]

Strike Up The Band

Strike Up The Band – For Battle! Drum roll please…it is time for the annual Battle of the Bands competitions to happen throughout the United States.  As you start to prepare for your show and the competition(s) that you might be participating in, we wanted to highlight a few things on how HomeTown can help […]

Spotlight on Auditions with HomeTown

Person auditioning for theatre program

As we embark on a new school year, you are bound to wind down and start planning for a successful program this year.  Every production starts with the highly anticipated auditions. Who will get the lead? Is this the right monologue? You know…the time when everyone overthinks every detail.  While your students are worrying about […]

Elevate Your Game-Day Experience with HomeTown Social Media

We are excited to begin introducing HomeTown Social Media, our brand new innovative social media automation feature powered by BoxOut, designed specifically for athletic directors and administrators. HomeTown Social Media is set to revolutionize the way you promote your events, engage with your audience, and drive ticket sales. In this blog post, we will explore […]

How to Increase Ticket Sales for Your Spring Musical

When planning for the spring musical, it’s important to remember that a marketing and ticketing strategy will ensure that you generate as much revenue as possible! Now’s the time to get your ticket sales ready. Tell your guests how to get tickets When promoting your upcoming show remember to always include information about how to […]

Simplify Your Theatre’s Season Ticket Packages

For many loyal theatre enthusiasts, season ticket packages are a must have and an ideal way to support the arts in their local communities. What value can season ticket packages bring to your venue and how can you simplify the set up and ticketing process? Create Excitement and Loyalty Announcing an entire season of upcoming […]

Passes: Which Types are Right For Your School?

Passes types for schools

Season passes are one of the most common ways that schools use HomeTown’s pass feature, but which of these additional passes might benefit your programs? Here’s a look at a few ways schools use passes to drive ticket sales and offer their students, their families, and fans the options they really want. What are Passes? […]

Benefits of Season Passes and Season Tickets for your Sports Season

Season passes and season tickets

Want to make it fast and easy for your most loyal fans to get into every game? HomeTown has the built-in option to sell season passes and season ticket packages to your events. Which one is right for your programs? Related post: 4 Tips for using Digital Ticketing for Event Planning Season Passes Passes provide […]

Set Up Your School for a Sell-Out Crowd with Digital Ticketing

Sell out athletic events with digital ticketing

With the fall season in full swing, high schools around the country have been kicking off their big games in front of huge crowds. Football games bring the community together through school spirit and pride. What can you do when you are expecting a sell out for the big rivalry game and want to make […]