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Get Revenue

HomeTown ensures your school receives its revenue faster than any other digital ticketing provider, and HomeTown never touches your ticket revenue.

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Immediate Access to Ticket Revenue

HomeTown ensures your school receives its revenue faster than any other digital ticketing provider.


Create and connect a payment processor account for your school. 

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Process secure payments that are PCI compliant through your own online box office.


Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly deposits to your school account.


Continuously receive online payments as tickets are purchased before game day.

Take Control of Your Revenue Stream

Ticket sales revenue is deposited into your school’s account as soon as the day after tickets are purchased.

After tickets are purchased, revenue is deposited in the school's bank account with the assistance of Hometown Ticketing
Credit Card payments accepted

Reduce Cash

Stop worrying about carrying cash and making change for school events. With secure online payments and credit card processing, there’s no need for you or your staff to drive to the bank, fill out deposit slips or make cash deposits after every game.

Cash Flow

Schools no longer need to wait to receive cash, checks, or ACH transfers after each event. With HomeTown, CFOs and treasurers can automatically schedule transfers from your payment processor account to your school account on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Schedule money transfers

Real-Time Online Reporting

View all event information across venues and departments in one central online location.

Ticket Sales

Know how many tickets were sold for each event, sport, department, or school.


Find out how many people attended each school event to plan staffing needs.

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See how much money was made at each event to help fund student programs.

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Assign user-level permissions to control who can access district, school, or department data.

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