Ticket Scanning

Scan Fans

Quickly scan digital or printed tickets from any iOS or Android device to streamline gate entry for parents, visitors, families and fans. 

Online Ticket Scanning for High Schools and Universities

Streamline Gate Entry

No need to handle cash or exchange paper tickets with HomeTown’s easy-to-use ticket scanning app.

Hometown Ticketing App

Download the free HomeTown Gate app for iOS or Android to your tablet or mobile device.

HomeTown Ticket Scanning Icon

Easily train your staff and volunteers to quickly scan digital and printed tickets in minutes.

Secure and Safe

Assign user-level permissions so volunteers only have access to ticket scanning features.

Guest list searching

Quickly search the guest list to check-in fans who aren’t able to access their tickets.

Scan Fans

Provide a comfortable game-day experience for fans by streamlining gate entry, managing venue capacity and monitoring event attendance. Your staff can quickly scan parents, visitors and fans from a safe distance from up to 6 feet away. 

Employee scanning digital tickets from fans upon entry
Guest list available on mobile devices to help check in attendees

Search the Guest List

HomeTown makes it easy for your volunteers to scan attendees into the game and get fans in the stands. Quickly search the guess list to check-in fans who left their tickets at home or aren’t able to access their tickets.

Fast Scans. Happy Fans.