K–12 Fall Planning Kit

Get ready for Fall with HomeTown! We are excited to help you get set up for success in all areas of your ticketing! To get ready for your Fall Planning Meeting, please use the documents below as they apply to your events.

Fall Planning Checklist (Athletics)

Use this document to gather key information for planning your fall sports ticketing, including season tickets and passes.

Fall Planning Checklist (Performing Arts and Other Events)

Use this document to gather key information for planning your performing arts, homecoming dance, and other events.

Explanation of Season Tickets vs. Season Passes

Learn more about the differences between these two ticketing types and which one better fits for your events.

Common Event Questions

Use this fillable document to plan answers for commonly asked questions about events like ADA Accessibility, refund policies, and prohibited items.

Point of Sale Equipment Information

Looking to add Point of Sale Equipment to your ticketing system? This guide provides a comprehensive list of items you can purchase through HomeTown for easy in-person ticket sales. To purchase items from this guide, contact your Client Success Manager.

Custom Field Guide for Summer Camps

Custom Fields make summer camp registration easier than ever before. This document helps you identify the custom fields you plan to include in your summer camp registration.

Event Import Checklist

Use this document to gather all the information you and/or your Client Success Manager needs to successfully create your upcoming events.

Stripe/Pricing PDF

Have questions about Stripe processing fees? This reference provides you with an overview of processing fees.