Feature Spotlight: Offline Scanning

Get ready to elevate your event check-in experience for your fans! 

Hometown is excited to spotlight our Offline Scanning capabilities that helps enable our clients and provide 360 coverage when it comes to scanning in for events. 

You no longer need to be at the mercy of spotty connectivity or rolling blackouts. Offline scanning is offered as a solution for schools that kicks in if connection is lost ensuring a continued smooth check in, or can be set up as a primary method for checking in fans and spectators. Schools now have the options to provide guests traditional scanning, self check-in, and offline scanning to adapt to any schools’ scanning requirements and gate operations.


Attendees can be checked in quickly, enhancing overall event efficiency and attendee satisfaction. This is especially crucial during peak check-in times or high-traffic events where there may be network congestion. Say goodbye to long queues and sluggish check-ins. 

Improved Reliability

Offline Scanning eliminates the dependency on network access, reducing the risk of delays or disruptions, and ensuring a smooth check-in experience regardless of external factors. No more worries about internet connectivity issues disrupting your event. Trust in Hometown for a reliable event solution, rain or shine.

Enhanced Accessibility

This is particularly beneficial in venues with limited connectivity. From stadiums to remote venues, access is no longer limited by internet connectivity. Our Offline Scanning feature ensures that every attendee can be checked in, regardless of location.


Offline scanning provides flexibility for event organizers to operate in diverse environments, including remote locations or areas with limited network connectivity.  Whether it’s a bustling city stadium or a remote countryside field, Hometown has you covered.


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