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Sell Prom and Dance Tickets Online

Sell digital tickets for high school proms, homecoming dances, and middle school activities through your own online box office, without recruiting volunteers, staffing ticket tables or counting cash.

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Digital Ticketing for School Dances

HomeTown’s helped thousands of schools provide students and parents with digital ticketing options.

Box Office

Sell digital tickets to high school and middle school dances from a single online box office.

Cash Flow

Get revenue as online tickets are purchased to pay event expenses in advance.

Ticket Sales

View ticket sales in real time to plan marketing outreach to increase attendance.

Easy Entry

Easily train your staff and volunteers to quickly scan digital or printed tickets.

Take Control of Your Revenue Stream

Ticket sales revenue is deposited into your payment processor account as soon as the day after tickets are purchased.

After tickets are purchased, revenue is deposited in the school's bank account with the assistance of Hometown Ticketing

Easy Onboarding Process

HomeTown helps schools easily sell prom tickets online.

4 Step Onboarding Process. 1. School Logo, Colors and Artwork. 2. Financial Setup. 3. Embed Online Box Office on School Website. 4. Online Box Office Training.
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Prom Tickets for High Schools & K-12 Schools

5 professional individuals including CFO and Treasurers
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