Sell Tickets Online for All School Events

Hometown supports the digital ticketing needs of every school department from one central online location.

Athletics Events

HomeTown allows high schools to sell digital tickets to all of their sporting events, directly from their school website. Our platform supports cashless, paperless, contactless options to provide convenience for your community.

Performing Arts Events

HomeTown’s ticketing platform supports any type of event, so many schools use our system to provide digital ticketing for school theatre, music and performing arts programs.  


HomeTown is designed to support multiple departments within the same school district, including proms, dances and activities. Whether its run by the school, the students or a parent association, its all streamlined through HomeTown’s platform.

Professional-Level Ticketing

Receive your revenue faster than any other digital ticketing provider.

Ready to See HomeTown in Action?

Simple. Transparent. Pricing.

It’s simple to get started. Free onboarding. No setup fees. No monthly costs. Just $1 per ticket and a small processing fee. Paid by the school. Paid by the fans. Or split between both. Whatever your school decides.