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The Show Must Go On: Theatre Ticketing

From the day the cast list is posted until the moment the curtain rises on opening night, there are a million things that need to be done to ensure that your performances go well. One of the biggest, and often most time-consuming parts of a theatre show is ticketing. Luckily, we’re here to simplify your ticketing process and ensure you can spend more time rehearsing the final dance number and less time worrying about your box office.

Seat Maps 

An important aspect of attending a play or musical is choosing your seat. Some people prefer to be front and center, as close to the stage as possible so that they can see even the smallest details. Others prefer a birds-eye view, so the balcony is the place for them. Still, others find that an aisle seat is an absolute necessity.  

With HomeTown Ticketing’s custom seat maps, your audience can choose their precise seat and feel confident in their choice! Best of all, there is no charge to create your custom-seat map or to use our reserved seating tools. Our seat maps are created to the unique specs of your venue and can be easily modified as needed, whether the stage set expands into the audience or you’d like to block off specific seats from sale for any purpose.

Theatre seat map
Theatre seat map
Theatre seat map

Setting Your Ticket Levels 

Along with reserved seating tools, HomeTown’s platform also allows you to set a variety of ticket levels and prices. This means that you can set prices based on the seat’s location. For example, seats in the balcony may be at a lower price point than seats at the floor level. This allows you to have a range of prices that maximizes your revenue while still accommodating a variety of budgets. 

Presale and Passcodes 

Your HomeTown box office also has built-in features to give you flexibility for ticketing your event. With a few easy clicks, you can set up presale codes or passcodes. Presale codes allow you to sell tickets ahead of the general sale. Many schools use this feature to ensure parents or guardians have the first chance at the best seats to see their students perform. You also have the power to limit the number of tickets that can be purchased for each presale code, so that your general sale is not affected.


Passcodes work similarly to presale codes, but can be used at the same time as your general sale. These are ideal for having hidden ticket levels, like a reduced student ticket price or a complimentary ticket offer for press or administration. As with presale codes, you can set a ticket limit for each code so that your ticket sales and revenue are not affected.

Opening Night 

The HomeTown platform not only allows you to sell tickets ahead of the show, but also has a built-in point of sale feature, enabling you to sell tickets at the door. Our system can also handle concession and merchandise sales, making it easy for your attendees to grab a snack, a t-shirt, or flowers for their favorite performers while you keep track of every cent.

So how can you start using HomeTown Ticketing to save you time and make your ticketing easy? Just give our team a call to learn more about our platform, its features, and how to get started! 


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