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Spotlight on Auditions with HomeTown

As we embark on a new school year, you are bound to wind down and start planning for a successful program this year. 

Every production starts with the highly anticipated auditions. Who will get the lead? Is this the right monologue? You know…the time when everyone overthinks every detail. 

While your students are worrying about how they should deliver their monologue, HomeTown can help you stay organized with the details that matter to you. 

You can use your box office to set up an Audition Event. These types of events are complementary and are at no charge to the registrant or you. Just part of what we offer your school/organization.

By setting up the registration process in your HomeTown box office, you can:

  • Segment time slot sign ups so you can space auditions out
  • Automatically send a confirmation email with PDF attachments of monologue(s) and/or scene(s) to prepare
  • Ask up to 15 questions at check out that can be exported into Microsoft Excel
    • For example, you can gather parental information, ask about schedule conflicts, vocal part, role(s) desired and more. 
  • You can also send out notifications with important updates to everyone who registers in advance.
    • For example, vocal warm up will take 15 minutes prior to auditions beginning, costume measurements will be taken after you audition, etc.

When you are able to condense some of this admin work and schedule out the audition process, you will be able to focus more on the audition itself. 

Feel free to reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager to learn more on how to set this up. 

Not a HomeTown school, but would like more information? Please schedule time with our performing arts experts to get started today.


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